Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where's Your Groove?

You sleep late and your shower decides cold water is now in vogue. You rush to get dressed in the dark only to discover, too late, that your socks don't match and your sweater has decided to collect all the stray pet hairs in the house. The coffeemaker goes on the fritz, spewing hot brown liquid onto the kitchen walls and ceiling, and your digital cable decides to freeze on the weather forecaster's face (the upbeat one that irks you) just before they can tell you the weather. You rush out of the house without your umbrella and your car won't start. You hoof it to the bus stop. On the way the sky opens up and it pours buckets. While trying to call the office your cell phone slips out of your wet hand and breaks into a thousand pieces. The first and then the second bus is packed and drives right on by. The third bus stops but is so crowded you have to sit beside someone who hasn't bathed in, like, six years. You get to work late, looking like you came via the sewer with that lingering smell in your nostrils. Your allergies kick in and your eyes begin streaming tears and you begin sneezing uncontrollably.

You're in a crappy mood. You know it. The people around you know it. You hate it and you need "the cure". Busy day ahead.

You slip into your chair, take a deep breath, slip on the headphones and push the button. What do you listen to that breaks the spell and puts you "in the groove"? What is THAT powerful?


  1. This:


    always make me smile.

  2. It's great, Rand.

    It's also right that it will be different for everyone. While I mainline J. S. Bach in ways that others can't comprehend (Suites for Cello Solo, for example), or play Mozart's Requiem really, really loudly, Dylan broke through to that place, to that groove with "Things Have Changed." It really speaks to "our" generation.

    Good to know you're there.

  3. A tip of the tiara to Martha & the Muffins "Echo Beach" and The B52s "Rock Lobster" for getting even me on my feet. Yet, despite the title,"Beautiful Day", when you are absolutely sure it is not, playing on excellent speakers is just the song to get my wheels back on the wagon!


  4. Some mornings a little hit of Jimi "Purple Haze" does the trick for me... other mornings a great Natalie MacMaster reel is the sound that soothes the savage beast!

  5. Gosh,

    For me the music that tames my raging angst changes from time to time and season to season. If I need to be taken to that quiet contemplative place The Webb Sister's rendition of LC's If it Be Your Will does it for me. Other times I need an infusion of energy and the current tune that is doing it for me is The Black-Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling. (Any song that has Whoo Hoo it in can't be all bad.) ;)