Sunday, October 27, 2013

Put Down That Disco Ball

jazz up: to make more lively, gaudy, or appealing

What a glorious and boring life we lead that we have to consciously find ways to jazz things up. How one goes about doing that properly has been the subject of many great debates. If you're thinking of doing something to make life a bit more exciting, you may be faced with possibilities that you may have issues with (especially if, like me, you're not the demonstrative type). For example the ear ring in the nose thing may not be for you. New window treatments may prove to be a tad short of scintillating. And it takes a special person to be satisfied by the placement of sparkly things on your shirts. You might think about getting a killer hamster tattoo but if you can't take pain very well that may not be in the cards. Some buy sporty cars, but if you're not the flashy type (aside from that one pair of shorts with red hearts on it) you've probably crossed that off your list of possibilities; especially if you're not compensating for something tiny. You could travel to foreign lands, I suppose, and put up with all those people speaking strange languages and probably get dysentery or malaria. You could install a disco ball in your living room or fall in love and not tell them or collect inappropriate religious figurines or grocery shop in the buff and get arrested or eat something so spicy that it takes the top of your head off...

...or, you could just turn on a bit of jazz...

"Most of the things you are surrounded with you don’t need. But when you have those things around you, it makes you feel good about living in the world. And it gives you something to look forward to, and it also gives you a way to connect with everything that has happened on earth. It’s like real poor people in the country, on a Sunday, would get dressed up and they wouldn’t have any money but just that little hat with the flower on it…just a little something to make you special and make you sweet. That’s jazz music." ~ Wynton Marsalis


  1. I love the quote. There's a lot to be said for a flower in your hat. I'm kind of behind on your posting, but agree with your marketing/ad/PR descriptions and feel very happy for Carol. She's brought me a lot of smiles and stomach laughing. I'll never forget her as Scarlet O'Hara!

    1. Always nice to hear from you Linda! Thanks! (And yes, the quote is a 'keeper'.) :)