Saturday, December 19, 2009


My own thought for this time of the year attempts to present an example of a 'marriage' between a visual and the copy. Apart, the photo or headline can be interpreted in any number of ways. Together, they support each other to define both the personality of the piece, and deliver the message.


  1. 2009 seems to have slipped by very quickly and I am not sure I am quite ready to move on yet. Since the Olympics are coming soon to Vancouver and I am looking forward to the events planned about the city I expect that 2010 will seem to move on just as quickly. The thing about the end of a year is all the possiblities that open up for the new year, things to anticipate and surprises to come.

  2. Great work! A very enjoyable journey through your life, times work.

    Your work and mine are somewhat similar though I'm not in your league.

  3. Thanks RB! I had a look at your remarkable work - Kudos! (There are no leagues :o)