Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jack, The Fire Putter-Outer

My friend Jack popped by a few nights ago. He's a pretty intense guy, sweats a lot, speaks in a rushed, urgent, raspy voice and, to tell the truth; could use a shower and a change of clothes. It's always nice to see him, even if it means cleaning up the odd blown up thing and Polyfilla-ing the bullet holes after he leaves. All that is to be expected when dealing with a fictional action hero.

He is, after all, single-handedly fighting a battle that no one realizes has to be fought and saving people who don't know they have to be saved; all at the expense of personal safety, a healthy bank balance, pleasant conversations about nothing in particular and the loss of those stress-relieving lazy afternoons at the day spa with wine and cucumber slices on his eyes. No time for that. That's what happens when there are fires to be put out before they become catastrophic.

It seems not everyone is appreciative of Jack's role. Some people of opinion say his story reflects the unhappiness that people have, that it is a strong reflection of their collective persona; rife with torture, violations of human rights, and very representative of the times we live in. They also say most of the drama comes directly from current policies. And they proclaim that reports of his actions exploits people's worst fears to the hilt for entertainment value and profit. (Seems there are haters everywhere these days.)

Maybe one day Jack will finally be able to stop spending all his time putting out fires and lead a little more of a well organized, healthier, less reactive and more proactive life. Until then, it's conventional wisdom that recognizes the fact we all have fires to put out every now and then.

And, like in Jack's case, it's not necessarily a bad thing.


  1. I like the visual :) Don't know if I'm ready to take on a new action hero just now though.