Friday, April 25, 2014

The Curse Of Betraying Body Syndrome

Unless you are one of those perfect (and therefore eminently hateable) people on the planet (and there are a few) chances are you've found yourself in some type of situation that should theoretically easily turn out well but doesn't. You know exactly what you're supposed to do but dark forces take over your bodily functions. In short, your body betrays you. Results turn stinky. You become stinky. No one wants to hang out with you. It's called Betraying Body Syndrome.

In this world of scientific miracles, there must be a cure.

An article in Forbes Magazine from some time ago recommends we all recognize, support and revise our own "self talk". I guess that means that we have to talk to ourselves. And not only that, but we have to listen to what we're saying. From my point of view doing both is fine as long as we don't talk back to ourselves and it doesn't become a disagreement because it's not nice to be internally conflicted. After all, that's what we're trying to get away from in the first place. (And it takes up valuable time when you could be doing neat things, like eating cheeseburgers and watching cartoons.)

Yet another posting suggests we learn to manage our expectation of constant contentment, let go of over-thinking our failures and limit our self-limiting beliefs. All of which is probably true but the focus is a tad negative (which is never good unless you're into things like self-flagellation) and somewhat too new-agey, touchy-feely for those weary of life coaches and superior beings in general.

Some prefer a simpler tactic. Laughter. They think trick to dealing with Betraying Body Syndrome is to maintain a sense of humor. Because when you're able to laugh off your bodily foibles, you're denying them power over you, giving them the old trap door treatment and refusing to let them pile up in a big stink pile. You're showing those nasty acts your body does without your permission that they're just plain comical. Because they are. Learning to laugh at yourself is a technique that has saved many thousands in therapist fees. Well, one anyway. :)


(Note: Laughing at oneself is sometimes best done internally because you can't walk around laughing all the time – because, you know... weird looks. And also, Betraying Body Syndrome is a fictional condition. The intention of this post is not to make light of serious physical or psychological issues. Consult your physician should you find your situation troubling. Peace out. Rand:)