Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who's The Guy Who Rolls The Toilet Paper?

Hope you'll forgive me for a quick one today because, honestly, I've been talking much too much lately.

These days toilet paper comes wrapped around a cardboard tube that allows you to hang it on a special holder on the wall beside you and unroll the appropriate amount needed.

I'd hate to be the guy who has to roll it all up. I can't imagine people asking me what I do and me saying "I'm the guy that wraps toilet paper around those cardboard tubes." But it's one of those necessary jobs and I'm glad someone does it. And they've probably got great job security there because there's always a demand. I'd like to shake that guy's hand but I probably shouldn't because his hands are most likely insured for quite a lot because, really, that's a rare skill they've got there. 

For more information than you'd ever want to know, including alternative names for the tissue, visit Wikipedia.

For a free 18" X 18" print-ready PDF of the "Sweet Rolls" art drop me a line with your email address.

Gotta go.


  1. Surely rolling is easy once you've got the momentum going, Rand?

    Pity the folders - subdividing sheet by sheet, fold by fold, one by one.

    Especially as each sheet must be folded exactly right - meticulously executed to ensure that they fit neatly into those handy dispensers conveniently located [in lieu of rolls] in public facilities everywhere.

    To go is the very least we can do.

    Either way - it may well be that rolling or folding might be rather engaging work.

    I wonder if there are any vacancies?

    ... ? ...

    1. "To go is the very least we can do" Agree totally. And we all do our bit :)

  2. My grandfather Meno used to cut the gazette up into squares. No rolling required.

    I'm not talking the Montreal Gazette, the only English language newspaper published daily in Québec founded in 1778. I'm talking of the gazette as in a public journal, a newspaper of record, or simply a newspaper. My mother told me stories about her father and this activity. "Il était patient, ton grand père, pour passer ses après-midi à découper la gazette." With 15 children, this was a necessary frugality. There was no rolled stuff in that house for a long time.

    1. Your grandfather must have been very patient... lol