Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Randisms Project

Doing simple can be the hardest thing to do because our natural tendency is to try to include as much as possible in order to have our message understood. Things like design by committee or client with an idea or can we add logos of all our partners can complicate designs. In short, simple can be a very elusive animal. The ironic thing is when you can do something simple it stands out from the clutter. And all that other stuff you could have thrown in can be accomplished by a call to action (to a web site, etc.) to find out more. It's even more effective because by this time they're motivated.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about.

In the past couple of weeks here on Rand's Place I've been featuring a few posts of quotes I hadn't said yet (mostly to have fun and entertain visitors). In conversation over at Facebook one of my friends, Kristy Ewing of Ewing Creative coined the term Randisms. The thought came to me that this might be a good personal project for me. Something new. Something that would allow me to flex the simple muscle. Thus, the new Tumblr site Randisms was born. I wanted it to be a separate entity, apart from Rand's Place. One with new rules.

So. Here is my challenge:
1) Black and white, 2) One message per, 3) One font and one format (11" X 17") that people can print, 4) No notes of explanation apart from a brief one under the site title, 5) The subject is life, with a bit of humor, topical observations and philosophy thrown in, 6) Every post does not have to make sense, 7) No posting schedule but whenever time and the thought strikes, (that can mean both verbal diarrhea and constipation in any period of time), 8) Try to keep the message fresh and people engaged, and above all 9) Trial and error is perfectly fine.

Wish me luck! Follow along if you're so inclined. Click here to witness my pain.


  1. You are a genius. It's as simple as that.

    1. Thanks Kristy. And may I remind you just who came up with the term? lol