Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

It would be nice if we could grow frogs from seeds. Green thumbs would have a new meaning. Kermit could grow himself. I did try to once but all I got was potatoes, which were nice but didn't hop around much. If you're looking for a pet that you don't have to walk but has a nice personality, I'd recommend a potato.

You may have noticed I like this David Shrigley font. I noticed it once on a post and it said just write him a nice note and he'd send it to you for free. So I did. The title of my email was "A nice note." David Shrigley is a pretty well known artist from Glasgow who I like. But the font came from a fellow named Andy. I wonder if David knows Andy has his font. Maybe they're friends and have tea together. (Write to me if you want it. I don't think Andy would mind.)

I've just invented a new official position. Holder of the Caca. You may address this person as "Your Cacaness". They would live in a place called the Cacancy. Their job is to stink up a room where people have gathered as quickly as possible. That way people go home, have a nice bath and be good mothers and fathers and neighbors and friends.

I think we need a position like this.

I had to change my sheets today. They were starting to complain. There's nothing worse than complaining sheets. So my policy is, every time my sheets complain I change them. Here is a picture of the new sheets. You don't hear them complaining. No siree bob.

It was three o'clock when I took this photo. I wanted proof.