Sunday, August 12, 2012

Enter The Great Thingy Hunt

Announcing the launch of The Great Thingy Hunt. To qualify to enter, first you must have lost it and second you must want to find it. You must have had in your hand one moment and then it was gone the next. You had it and then maybe the phone rang and then some women were talking to you on the television about female menopause products and then Norris was freaking out about his toothbrush being contaminated by touching Tracy's. Then you went to find it and couldn't find it anywhere. And you need it.

In order to enter your hunt it must be something that is currently missing, or something that had been missing but is no longer so, no silly fictional or gross-out hunts will be allowed. Register your hunt here and the best, most interesting tale of sleuthing will win. There's no prizes except for bragging rights and you get to display the hunt logo on your web or facebook page with the words "I won The Great Thingy Hunt." In order to win you must tell us where you finally found it, whatever it was and the methods you used to do so. It would add to the mystery if you do not state what your thingy specifically is but it would help if you could tell us what it means to you and why you must find it.

Urban dictionary defines thingy as "a something, a thingymajig, a watchamacalit, a doo dad, a habba whatsa, a do hickey..." All are equal in the eyes of the judges of this official hunt and qualify for registration.

Judges decisions are arbitrary and final.


  1. I don't know where to look for something I lost because I've forgotten what I lost -- until I need it again, and there's no telling when I'll need it since I don't know what's missing. Somehow I don't think I'm going to win this contest :)