Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey, I'd Like To Be Outraged Too!

Inner Bag Lady on the march.
Sorry I'm late this week. Had to calm down my Inner Bag Lady. She's a feisty, grumpy and honest part of me who is always ripe for a scrap, especially in support of the marginalized. The incident followed lots of chatter regarding a celebrity who let speculative comments about whether she'd had work done on her face get under her skin (pun intended). The comments had appeared in March from several sources: the general public – i.e. social media, the entertainment chatterboxes and the legitimate news media; from men and women alike. Her article was extremely well written and talked how she felt about people sticking their noses in where her appearance was concerned. I was impressed she spoke out, I was impressed with her logic and her sense of self and I noticed my Inner Bag Lady simmering.

I applauded this celebrity's desire to have a discussion about how people are subject to malicious innuendo and how that made her feel. I could relate. We're all subject to behind-the-back, jealous and negative gossip. Where she lost me (coincidentally just when my Inner Bag Lady began to make up really cool protest signs) was when I noticed that she peppered the term misogynistic assault on women several times through her article, insisting that the issue is a feminist one. Was my Inner Bag Lady disappointed, deflated and suddenly depressed? You bet your sweet bippy. Not only did I have to look up what misogyny meant but her need to classify her personal experience as part of a bigger fight – an example of the systemic oppression of women by men in today's society made me one of the bad guys – a MAN! She managed to take what I would be ready to identify with and add my outrage to and reclassified the tongue-wagging, trailer park quality, gossipy attacks on her as examples of misogyny (a hatred of women) rather than something I could get my teeth into, like misanthropy (hatred of the human race) or better yet: simple ignorance.

I became frustrated, hurt and confused... and yes, victimized. I had to console Inner Bag Lady. I love her, she's sparky, emotional, full of zest and gusto and ready to shout out her outrage for a good cause at the drop of a hat. But she's very sensitive. Taking a perfectly good reason to protest away from her is a crime. Doing so by redefining a fairly clear personal affront as a societal issue seems unfair. I started out totally in the same room and was summarily shown the door. Because while I really wasn't one of the bad guys, I was judged so simply because I have a Y chromosome. Woe is Rand.

Oh wait, I just found something to be outraged about. "Help! Help! I'm being victimized by misandristic oppression!"

Inner Bag Lady, placards please. And flyers. And a big, big banner. And maybe some cool ribbons – they're hot these days. What color isn't taken?


  1. Well Rand, you got me on this one. I had to look up words from her very importantly written article (in which she must have used a thesaurus), yours, and the video. You've done your job to outsmart me in what had to have been a mascular attempt to discredit all of women.

    In other words, well written!

    Yes, 'importantly' is a word! :P

    1. Thanks Vonnie! No discredit to anyone intended. All the women I know I treat much more importantly than myself. (I had to look up words too!)

    2. Hat's off to you Rand! I know you are a gentleman. I haven't enjoyed an article this much in while! Very well said!

      hehe @ your looking it up! :P

  2. I can get upset that my value is assessed by what I look like, and since I'm getting older, that means more wrinkles and less value -- despite the fact that I've acquired more internal value and wisdom through living and learning through the years. It's obvious when men rate women by looks, but I think women do it to other women more viciously and persistently. I applaud Ashley for speaking up, but how many of the offending reporters and doctors were women? It's gotta stop, but I recently saw that men are getting "brotox", which means they're buying into the whole superficial looks only value system. The world's going to hell. I think I'll paint a sign and hang out with your bag lady.

    1. An old client of mine, a tanning salon, had to take the mirrors out of the booth rooms because guys would stand and admire themselves after their tanning session. Vanity doesn't belong to one sex.

      You're welcome to hook up with Inner Bag Lady, Linda! :o)