Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where To Dispose Of Your Unwanted Yorks

These days it's difficult to know just how to properly dispose of our unwanted items. We must be both vigilant and responsible.

Recently, I discovered Yorks must be a special concern along the line of asbestos, nuclear waste or yesterday's cabbage rolls. Evidently you can't just chuck them in a bin along with your regular household trash. After all, they have their own dumpster disposal site.

I don't exactly know what a York is but I posted a notice on FB as a public service once I discovered this location. In response, a relieved friend told me he had several dozen unwanted Yorks stacked up in his shed. Another said he got so tired of looking at his, he tried to bury some in the backyard but they killed the plants around the burial site. Evidently the tomatoes in close proximity plucked themselves and made themselves into Gazpacho. And yet another asked if they took new Yorks as well as old Yorks (although I suspect she was punning me).

I still don't know what they are but these folks appeared relieved to know how to dispose of them properly. And that's good enough for me.

So let me know if you have some Yorks you want to dispose of and I'll shoot you the coordinates...


  1. Just found out that Yorks may be large yellow forks. Not confirmed...

  2. I gather yorks are not disposed of in This, That or The Other. I also gather yorks are a Canadian thing.

    I have no yorks, but please consider me informed.