Monday, September 26, 2011

Things We Keep

Yet another week and, in preparation, yesterday I went hunting for something that I knew I kept because although I thought I would probably never use it again I was certain I would need it if I threw it out. You know that stuff.

I knew exactly where it was. It was in the drawer where I put little things I think I might need again. Call it the junk drawer in my brain.

It was there amidst the things that tie things together, small tools that fix stuff and things to give power to other things. It was sitting on my late mother's hand-written recipe for her holiday turkey stuffing beside toothpicks, measuring cups, thingamajigs, whatchamacallits and do-hickies.

I'm always amazed at how much stuff fits in such a small space...

Might-come-in-handy-someday things.

I may be a little late for work today guys. I have to put all this stuff back...


  1. Maybe you should put your mom's stuffing recipe with the turkey platter? I have a drawer which looks a lot like yours, but I'm pretty sure it has a general theme of stuff to fix other stuff.

    I like your Tangent logo. Nice job :)

  2. How did you know I have a turkey platter? Hmmm. I'm searching my house for hidden cameras... lol.

  3. Can I have a copy of that turkey stuffing recipe before you put it away with the turkey platter?

    I baste my turkey with a lot of whiskey and a little low sodium soy sauce. Mmmmmmmmm!

  4. where did I put that recipe? I'll get back to you Lynn Marie. I may have to empty a drawer... again.

  5. Several nests exist! Under the basement stairs, dark closets, bottom drawers, gardenhouses, garages. Left alone, unusefull and forgotten objects reproduce at night. I am positive. Last august I moved and filled a whole container of these. I should have decontaminate and sterilize all that I moved because they already started to populate every unsightfull areas of the new house. I suspect that portable butane stove. I found it brand new in the old house in its nice carry-case. My wife shouted after me arguing how usefull it could be. WE NEVER USED IT IN 9 YEARS and as far as I know I don't even remember having it. So we moved it. Costly error.

  6. I have a hardware drawer in the kitchen. Everything in it is mine and is called elastic. That means everything in it snaps back into that drawer. If it doesn't, I raise HELL!

    There's crazy glue and string and tape and a level. There's a screw-driver that I got for Christmas from my father-in-law because the other one I had in there wasn't good enough. There are vice grips and a retractable blade knife and my whole pen collection. There's a tape measure and tiny funnels, elastics and a couple of nails and screws.

    The hammer and flashlight are nestled between the stove and the cupboard.

    And it's all mine.

    Mike has the garage.

  7. Okay, here for the world to see, is my mother's turkey dressing instructions (copied verbatim from her handwritten note:

    1) Pour enough warm water in bread to make it sticky, not runny.
    2) Mix in summer savory, onions, tsp salt, melted butter
    3) Stuff the bird (both ends.)

    No measurements included (you were supposed to know).

  8. Thanks, Rand. I can always soak the bread with whiskey to make it sticky, too!