Friday, September 2, 2011

Six Ways To Tell If You're A Big Dog

1) You don't have to be mean: You don't growl or threaten or bite. You know you don't have to. You'd rather walk away from a fight than bring yourself down to their level.

2) You like small critters: This includes cats, rabbits and birds, although they may not believe that. You're even kind to small, yappy cousins.

3) You listen more than you bark: Other dogs confide in you. A lost bone, nasty fleas, trouble with the bulldog down the block... others come to you because they know that you'll be supportive and won't betray their trust.

4) You don't need a leash: Only unpredictable, angry and insecure dogs need to be tethered to a pole, or worse, caged. You know your limits and given a situation without them, you set your own.

5) You share your bones: You're not protective of your dog dish. You let others eat first. You are more concerned with the well being of others. You don't need old Lassie movies to teach you how to be magnanimous.

6) You don't run with the pack: You own the dog park and don't have to prove it. You know you don't have to change who you are in order to fit into the crowd. You know you're physically as big as you're going to get but always manage to grow a bit more inside everyday. In ways that matter to you.

Have a great weekend everyone! Have a cookie on me.


  1. Hmm... I'm feeling very doglike. Seems like you could add things like loyalty and protecting your boundaries too. My little dog had a very big father. She seems kind of confused about whether she's a big dog or not sometimes :)

    I'm pondering the double space after a period now that I've read back a few of your posts. Yeah, what's the point of that?!

  2. I'm no doggy expert, but do know that these are wise words!