Sunday, June 5, 2011

(Life In Parentheses) Week

Today, I thought I'd begin a short time off from work by putting my life in parentheses.

This is not a step I take lightly, because it means that during this time I am hereby declaring myself material that could be omitted without destroying or altering the overall meaning of this sentence called life. Normally I'd hope that I would be more vital, but not this week.

I am independent of the normal course of things.

So, if you think of me in the next little while, (and there is no reason you should) you will have to put me into your thoughts as supplemental content. Nice, but inconsequential. 

For this week I intend to be as much an afterthought as are things like world peace, truly representational democracy and universal human kindness. Follow along if you want on my journey in unimportance.

This week I am last week's stale omelet... a bird singing on a vacation rooftop to no purpose.


  1. I find quite the opposite with parenthesis (I just keeping wanting to add more). Which can be quite distracting (as I digress) to comments (within the parenthesis).

    At times, parenthesis afford the opportunity to be external (and internal) in expression simultaneously! If you like a constant stream of consciousness (unconsciously) this is a handy literary device to punctuate the discourse (of course!).

    Therefore fear not (the parenthesis) but rather embrace it! (((((my parenthesis)))))

    (or not)...

  2. lol. Wait for tomorrow's post embracing the parentheses. Sure to please... I gotta go. Getting lessons from b-grade movies.