Sunday, April 18, 2010

Personal Positioning

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to Rand's Place, another moral dilemma... how to address the issue of large egos without appearing egotistical... lol


  1. Hey Rand - I really like this one. Sadly, those with big egos generally don't see that they have big egos and it will be a long slog to get them to change. But, this sends an important message to those who suffer the egomanics that it is not acceptable. Is this part of a larger campaign for a corporate culture? Is the corporate bully next on your list?

    Cheers, John Alley

  2. I laughed. There is a person missing in the composition: the guy holding the back of the egotist's neck so he can't take his head out of the bin!

    Then again, it's happened that I didn't check my own ego at the door, and perhaps that person holding me by the back of the neck wouldn't be earning any Brownie points from me...

  3. Glad to get a laugh out of you, LM, haven't we all learned from ego whoops?