Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Web Concepting

Linking the visual set up of a website to the concept behind the organization gives you the opportunity to consider abandoning the traditional menu bars and creating an unique experience for the viewer. Here, an early site for a member network, (designed to link researchers from different regions, to share documents, discussions and collaborate on development). The site is clean, showing a menu of interconnected orbs. When moused over, the choices for that section are revealed and the thematic pic changes inside the center of the menu. Clicking on the orb takes the viewer to the general section, while mousing down and clicking on a menu item takes the viewer to that particular page.


  1. Rand, I like it. A lot.
    I've played with similiar visual structures before, but was told, "that's not how people do it." :D
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Haha, Norman. My response to comments like that: "until NOW." :o) BTW: this is an old concept. There is a lot more we can do with interactivity now...