Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wordless Book

A RFP to write and design a comic book to help adult ESL programs was countered with a concept of a workbook with no words at all: where the learner would be free to fill in their own words (with guidance from their tutors). Each story was presented in a unique style to distinguish one from the other.


  1. I used this "wordless book" with adult literacy students, new immigrant students, and university esl students. I really enjoyed the discussion that was generated (although playing Elvis for a group of north African and Middleeastern women was less than successful). With one class, we worked in groups to make some stories, then invited the class next door to share the results. Lots of fun.

  2. The first one is going on the entrance to my cubicle. It could be titled, "The Mediocrity Project".

  3. What a wonderful concept. It allows ESL students to reach back into their world to learn and comprehend our words. It is only our words that they lack, they bring their own stories and life experience and such exercises must be very reassuring and meaningful as they are not loosing their past but verbalizing it in a new way.

  4. is this book available for sale?

    1. A quick search at Human Resource Dev Canada, National Literacy Secretariat, (the publishers) doesn't show any results so it appears to be out of print